Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing decreases vibration levels, prevents bearing damage and increases lifecycles of rotating equipment. Balancing can be done in-situ or in house.

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Explain Dynamic Balancing

A rotating system of mass is in dynamic balance when the rotation does not produce any resultant centrifugal force or couple. The system rotates without requiring the application of any external force or couple, other than that required to support its weight. If a system is initially unbalanced, to avoid the stress upon the bearings caused by the centrifugal couple, counterbalancing weights must be added. This is commonly done, for example: in the case of an automobile tire, where the imbalance is due to imperfections of manufacture that make the tire composition inhomogeneous

Why Bother Balancing

When an unbalanced system is rotating, periodic linear and/or torsional forces are generated which are perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The periodic nature of these forces is commonly experienced as vibration. These off-axis vibration forces may exceed the design limits of individual machine elements, reducing the service life of these parts. For instance, a bearing may be subjected to perpendicular torsion forces that would not occur in a nominally balanced system, or the instantaneous linear forces may exceed the limits of the bearing. Such excessive forces will cause failure in bearings in short time periods. Shafts with unbalanced masses can be bent by the forces and experience fatigue failure.

Under conditions where rotating speed is very high even though the mass is low, as in gas turbines or jet engines, or under conditions where rotating speed is low but the mass is high, as in ship propellers, balance of the rotating system should be highly considered, because it may generate large vibrations and cause failure of the whole system.

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Dynamic Balancing

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Dynamic Balancing

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  • Two or Three Planes
  • Balancing Grade within G1.0


  • Reduce Vibration
  • Increase Running Speed